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    • Elbeqing? Anti-Fog Mask
    • Elbeqing? Anti-Fog Mask
    • Elbeqing? Anti-Fog Mask
    Elbeqing? Anti-Fog MaskElbeqing? Anti-Fog MaskElbeqing? Anti-Fog Mask

    Elbeqing? Anti-Fog Mask

    • Product description: Elbeqing? Anti-Fog Mask

    【Product Name】

    Elbeqing® disposable anti-fog and electrostatic adsorption mask

    [Product composition]:

     fabric dust barrier layer, electrostatic adsorption layer, photocatalyst sterilization layer, porous antibacterial material layer

    [Product Specifications]: 

    Adults, children

    【Product advantages】

    This product comprehensively uses photocatalyst disinfection, electrostatic adsorption and fabric dust collection technology, and uses the principle of electrostatic adsorption to truly isolate PM2.5 from the human body. The specially added photocatalytic sterilization layer effectively decomposes and forms pathogenic bacteria The safety barrier at the mouth and nose fully protects the user's breathing safety. This product has passed the test of the latest national standard GB / T32610-2016. Under the condition of ensuring that the mask is comfortable to wear, it greatly improves its ability to prevent PM2.5. It is a true anti-fog and anti-PM2.5 mask.

    【Action mechanism】

    Static adsorption cloth

    Using purely imported world's most advanced electrostatic adsorption materials, it can maintain a strong electrode classification for a long time without external electrical boundaries. It can achieve more than 99% adsorption effect on particulate matter below PM3.

    Photocatalyst coating

    The photocatalyst is a nano-scale metal oxide material, which is coated on the surface of the substrate and dried to form a thin film. Under the irradiation of light, it will produce a photocatalytic reaction similar to photosynthesis, producing free hydrogen with extremely strong oxidation ability Oxygen and active oxygen, has a strong photo-redox function, can oxidize and decompose various organic compounds and some inorganic substances, can destroy the bacterial cell membrane and solidify virus protein, antibacterial rate is as high as 99.99%, and can be bacteria or fungi The toxins released are decomposed and harmlessly treated, and decomposed into non-polluting water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), so it has strong sterilization, deodorization, mildew resistance, anti-pollution self-cleaning, and air purification functions. It is widely used in Japan and South Korea.

    [Wearing method]

    1. Facing the side of the mask without the nose clip, position the nose clip above the mask, hold the mask by hand to fix it on the face, and hold the mask against the chin.

    2. Pull the upper headband over the head item and place it above the head.

    3. Pull the lower headband over the top of the head and place it under the ear behind the neck.

    [Precautions for use]

    1. This product is a one-time use product, starting from taking the product out of the packaging bag, the use time does not exceed 24 hours, and secondary use is prohibited;

    2. It is forbidden to wash, washing will destroy the structure of the electrostatic filter cloth, resulting in the weakening or disappearance of the adsorption function;

    3. This product should not be directly exposed to the air before use.

    [Storage Method]

    If more than one bag is packed, please put the mask in a clean place after opening, seal it in time, and store it in a place where children cannot reach.

    【Executive standard]: GB / T 32610-2016

    【Shelf life】: 3 years (unopened)

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